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Freas Farm Winery   570-759-WINE

130 Twin Church Rd, Berwick We will  be closed through January 9th.

240 Southern Rd, Catawissa SEE YOU IN APRIL!

Touch-free Menu

for the health and safety of our customers and staff

Dry Wines $18.49 

One Year In – Chardonnay (o% RS)

This full-bodied Chardonnay with is aged lightly in French oak to give it a hint of vanilla. Pairs nicely with chicken and fish.

1752 – Pinot Grogio (o% RS)

This Pinot Grigio is a full-bodied and produced in the Alsatian style. Enjoy this crisp, refreshing wine with notes of apple and hints of anise. Pairs nicely with chicken, fish, seafood and pasta with white sauces.

Blood, Sweat & Cheers – Noiret (o% RS)

This Noiret wine is quite herbaceous and fruit driven with soft tannins and finishes with notes of black pepper. It makes you want to fire up the grill and throw on a steak or burger!

Mystical Miracles – Cabernet Sauvignon (o% RS)

This Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied, fruit forward and aged in French oak to marry its complex flavors of black cherries and chocolate. Pairs nicely with chocolate, red meats, and pasta with red sauces.

Three Turns with the Lathe – Vineyard Blend (0.7% RS)

This vineyard blend consists of three hybrid grapes: Landot Noir, St. Croix and Maréchal Foch. The medium-bodied wine is smooth on the front with berry notes from the Landot Noir, but finishes with the tartness of the Maréchal Foch grape. Ask us for our secret recipe for cocktail meatballs or teeny weenies made with Three Turns!! Yum!

Semi-Dry Wines  $18.49

A September to Remember – St. Croix (2% RS)

This semi-dry rosé is a well-balanced, medium-bodied wine produced from the St. Croix grape, a Minnesota hybrid. With fruity aromas and cherry undertones, this wine pairs nicely with pasta dishes and spicy foods.

Semi-Sweet Wines $18.49

Joy – Frontenac (5% RS)

This wine is produced from the Frontenac grape, a Minnesota hybrid. For the purists, it serves nicely on its own with citrus undertones. Joy makes a fantastic, simple Sangria by adding a little fresh orange, lemon and lime.

Vida’s New Blend – Vidal (5% RS)

This semi-sweet white wine is made from the Vidal grape. This hearty hybrid grape is typically prepared as an ice wine, however we decided to sweeten ours to 5% residual sugar.

Sweet Wines $18.49

Forget Me Not – Frontenac Gris, Seyval & St. Croix blend (8% RS)

This blush is a beautiful, fruity yet neutral sweet rosé that is easy to drink. Pairs well with pasta dishes and milk chocolate.

Starry Night – Frontenac Gris (9% RS)

This sweet white wine will provide an explosion of flavors on your palate. Notes of pineapple up front and hints of apricot and grapefruit on the finish. Pairs well with ham, turkey and chicken dishes.

Soup to Nuts – Concord (9.5% RS)

Affectionately dubbed “The Adult Juice Box” by our amazing customers, you’ll know when you smell the bouquet and taste this wine why we say it is like jelly in a glass. Enjoy with a peanut butter cup and it will taste like you are eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Fruit Wines $17.49

*Proudly made with 100% natural fruit juice!

Queen of Tarts – Cranberry (3.5% RS)

With just enough sugar to balance the acidity, the Queen finishes true to her name with the tartness of cranberries on your palate. Enjoy on its own, or try it a Vodka Cranberry or a Cranberry Ginger Mule!!

Core of Our Existence – Apple (5% RS)

A blend of apples picked at the peak of their perfection give this apple wine a unique flavor. The tartness of the Granny Smith hits your palate first and then finishes a little sweeter with the Gala, Fiji and Rome apples used in the blend. Can be enjoyed chilled or warm it up in a crock pot with cider spices.

Over the Fence – Raspberry (5% RS)

This raspberry wine lets the taste of summer go on all year long! Enjoy it on its own or pair it with chocolate. Ask us how to use Over the Fence to make delicious brownies or hot chocolate for those chilly nights.

Bulldawg Blues – Blueberry (5% RS)

The taste of fresh blueberries explode on your palate as you sip this wine. An ode to the Hometown Mascot, Bulldawg Blues is sure to pack a punch of summer in every sip.

Specialty Wine $19.99

Tsankawi – Sparkling Wine – Cayuga (2.5% RS)

*Not available for tasting*

This sparkling wine is produced in the traditional method ("méthode champenoise") using the Cayuga grape. Perfect for celebrating that special occasion...or any day that ends in a ‘y’, because why not?

Port  $21.99

Athair Láidir – Landot Noir and St. Croix (3.5% RS) *20% ABV*

This Port-style wine is a varietal blend of Landot Noir and St. Croix grapes aged in American and French oak. The brandy blended in this wine gives you that nice warming sensation on the way down. This Port-style wine is a nice fire side sipper and makes awesome S’Mores and brownies!

Mead  $19.99

Grand Lady – Hibiscus Mead (3% RS)

This is a true mead made with 100% organic wildflower honey and fermented with a white wine yeast. It is back-sweetened with wildflower honey and steeped with organic hibiscus flowers. Enjoy the Grand Lady with a Thin Mint Chocolate for a truly unique experience.

**Enjoy wine slushies or Berwick Brewery Beer (available by the glass or flight) at our main location in Berwick!!